The Economic Development Program

At Team Insight & Associates, we believe that a successful community is a blend of viewpoints all working towards a common solution.

Our Economic Development program successes are rooted in a community-based partnership, consisting of  your local Chamber of Commerce, local economic development organizations, business leaders, local government officials, and your local Airport. The program’s concept capitalizes on the interconnected relationship between the Airport and the community, recognizing that the Airport “asset” needs to be positioned as a business enterprise and as an engine for economic growth.

Our Economic Development coaching staff has a combined 100 years of business and economic development experience. We have helped many communities improve their economic growth by charting a course of community partnership.  We have worked with communities around the country, proving that “no challenge can be adequately surmounted without a synergy of seemingly different viewpoints joined together toward a common solution.”

How It Works

The Economic Development program’s goal is to help a community design effective communication, development, and marketing strategies.   This is typically done in conjunction with the community’s Airport.  The goal is to increase and expand community and regional support for economic development at the airport, with the recruitment of both aviation and non-aviation businesses.  The program’s objective is to increase capital funding, “political capital”, and both aviation and non-aviation revenues through a well-defined and executed community-based engagement process.

What Makes This Approach Unique?

For more information about what makes our approach to the challenge of business development different, click on one of the tabs, below.

  • As a partner in this initiative, the “entity of focus”, usually the Airport, plays more of a mentor and resource role than a leadership role
  • The Chamber, in conjunction with local Economic Development organizations, takes the lead as the initiative’s sponsor
  • The initiative is sponsored by a key community leader, supported by a Resource Team comprised of leading business executives.  This team provides guidance and support for the targeted business development initiatives
  • The initiative brings community involvement in multiple areas of need, identified by the “entity of focus”
  • Instead of one large community group working on behalf of the “entity of focus”, this approach has smaller “All Star” teams of community leadership working on separate tasks with a common goal.
  • The approach creates an overall synergy between the Airport, the Chamber, and the Community as a whole
  • The creation of strategic marketing action plans for the “entity of focus” does not require buy-in by the community because the community helped develop them in the first place
  • The community discovers the issues surrounding the growth of the “entity of focus” for themselves, will roll up their sleeves, and create solutions.  They now can take ownership of the processes
  • The Chamber has a program that provides their members with an opportunity to work side by side with the community at large for a common goal
  • The paradigm shifts for the positive.  For example, instead of the community working on behalf of the Airport, the Airport partners with its community to expand the economic development activities for the  community and region as a whole
  • Strategic business plan development
  • Strategic business plan Marketing Action plan development
  • Market research
  • Corporate image and direct marketing programs
  • Social media and branding strategies development and implementation
  • Public relations and media relations management
  • Industry conference attendance
  • Specific industry education using the Coaches Corner curriculum
  • Financial modeling
  • Partnership strategies